Welcome, babywearers!

Do you like to wear your baby, but...

- dread the summer heat?
- don't like the bulk of a regular wrap?
- want something quick and easy for back carries?

Then maybe a wrap-pod is for you!


jessica said...

i have done this once already with inexpensive undyed cotton after seeing your post on TBW... and now i have to figure out which wrap to chop to continue! i love wraps, i love pods.... :) thanks for the tute!

Eleri said...

Thank you! I made one this afternoon using a dyed Blue Nils, and now I have a beautiful chocolate pod made out of a wrap I wouldn't otherwise use!

Semi Crunchy Momma said...

Do you have to use a wrap? Is there any other material that would work?

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

Do you make these? Can you email me?
sradke1024 at gmail dot com

il contatto naturale said...

Thank you very much for sharing you knowledge on pods!

I'm so happy now that I know something more about it and I defenetly want to make one for myself!


Goldogmom said...

In the instructions, it says we need one woven wrap, 120" long. Are you saying we need to buy or make a wrap and these instructions are for adding a more substantial pouch? Or by wrap do you mean 120" of fabric suitable for a pouch?